Amazing Moment A Mum Hears Dead Son’s Heart Beat In Transplant Patient

mum hears son heart beat transplant

A mother from Nebraska wept when she heard her dead son’s heart beating inside the transplant patient who received it.

Lisa Swanson‘s son, Levi Schulz died in a car accident four years ago when he was just 18.  His grieving family gave permission for his organs to be used to help others, and so just three days later, 60 year old Terry Hooper was given a new heart after he had suffered cardiomyopathy—a chronic disease of the heart muscle.

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An amazing video shot at the Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha shows Ms Swanson meeting Mr Hooper for the very first time and embracing emotionally.

Terry was wearing a t-shirt printed with Levi’s face on it and broke down when he saw his donor’s mom calling Levi “my hero”.  He had written to thank the family back in 2013 and they had been corresponding ever since, but hadn’t actually met until last Friday.

mum hears son heart beat transplant p
Terry’s donor and hero, Levi Schulz

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Lisa, and Levi’s twin brother, Shelby, had gone to the hospital to meet the man they saved in person, and they got an added bonus when they were able to listen to Levi’s heart beating loud and clear on a ultrasound, which left Lisa in tears.

Terry gave Lisa a cuddly toy that plays a recording of Levi’s heartbeat which she said she would listen to every night.  She said;

“I get happiness and sadness all at the same time—sad that he’s not here, but happy he was able to help Terry.”

Watch this amazing moment below and then read how you can sign up to the Organ Register
mum hears son heart beat transplant

mum hears son heart beat transplant

There are currently 121,678 people waiting for lifesaving organ transplants in the US. You  can sign up to the Organ Register here.  By registering to become an organ donor, one person may save the lives of up to eight people. Anyone can indicate their desire to be a donor, regardless of age or medical history.





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