Ambush Makeover: Woman who gave kidney to spouse gets astonishing new look

After Susan Cox, 61, of Saverna Park, Maryland gave a kidney to her spouse a couple of months prior, he needed to give her something additional unique.

So he chose to convey her to the TODAY square for an Ambush Makeover.

Cox fills in as a bookkeeper for the University of Maryland, and in spite of the fact that she has worn her hair short for a long time, she needed another look.

She was unquestionably content with the one she got Thursday!

“Goodness my gosh, amazing,” she said with a grin, respecting her new look in the full-length mirror on set. With a chic, wash-to-wear cut and a classy cowhide coat, we’d need to resound her assumptions.

“She looks breathtaking,” her spouse concurred, radiating.

Next, P.J. Mill operator, who will turn 56 tomorrow, of Denville New Jersey, is the executive of a Sunday school in her general vicinity. Her child and spouse are voyaging abroad, and she and her little girl were simply having a ton of fun young ladies’ weekend when they chose to strive for an Ambush Makeover.

Mill operator told the women that she feels like a “schlump,” and truly needs a stimulating beverage She likewise trims her hair herself.

Her enormous uncover made them bounce all over for happiness … also, her little girl was generally as excited.

“Gracious my god … goodness Mom, you look so lovely,” she remarked mournfully.



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