British Grandmother Gives Birth To Triplets At 55

british grandmother triplets

A 55 year old grandmother from the UK has given birth to triplets.

Sharon Cutts and her boyfriend Stuart Reynolds, 40, spent over $20,000 on IVF, which they had to go to Cyprus for as they couldn’t get the treatment in the UK due to her age.


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Cutts already has four grown up children and four grandchildren and is now a mother of seven after a C-section delivered the healthy trio, Mason, Ryan and Lily.

Clearly desperate to be the most glamorous granny in town, Sharon, who is a trained nurse injected herself with Botox whilst still on the maternity unit as well as popping out for some hair extensions in a bid to look her best when the babies were born!

She told The Sun;

“I only injected a little bit, because really you shouldn’t do it while you’re pregnant. I gave myself a dose while I was staying in the maternity ward for 11 weeks.”

Way to put your babies first Sharon.

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The proud parents have been together for four years and had to take out loans to pay for the IVF treatment. As mom had been through the menopause (only to be expected at 55), they had to use donated eggs and were shocked when a scan revealed the resulting pregnancy showed three heartbeats.

This was their third round of treatment and the pregnancy was a difficult one. Doctors advised that one of the babies should be aborted due to her age, but she refused and carried all three babies to 34 weeks.

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Granny/Mommy admits that the first thing she thought of when she realized she was carrying triplets was how on earth she was going to cope (she didn’t think about that when she had three embryos implanted?). Despite the fact that she will be the 73 by the time they leave school, she doesn’t care that the triplets will be younger than her grandchildren, saying;

“It means they’ve got lots of playmates.”

Sharon is determined to keep herself in the peak of health to ensures she stays around to bring up the latest additions to her brood, plus she insists she’ll keep up the Botox and getting her nails done, declaring;

“I want to look like Barbara Cartland when I’m in my 80s.”

british grandmother triplets

british grandmother triplets p

british grandmother triplets



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