IQ’s Of The Famous, The Rich And The Powerful (Including First Lady)

Hollywood celebrities may not be known first and foremost for their great intelligence, but that does not mean that there are many Hollywood stars that don’t possess a high IQ. In fact, many may be surprised to discover that there are several stars who not only have attended the top rated universities in the country, but some are even members of Mensa as well. Let’s take a look at some of the smartest of the crop!

Madonna – 140  

After What she said about the White House recently her IQ dropped 15 points according to some opinions.

According to Mensa, an IQ of over 139 is regarded as genius. Madonna’s is 140, which puts this University of Michigan alum over into genius territory. Although she would later drop out and forfeit her scholarship, it would appear her plans to “rule to world” weren’t that far-fetched. Her first album sold an eye-watering 153 million copies, making her forever a household name.



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