Young Woman Gets Life-Changing Haircut After Narrowly Escaping Abusive Boyfriend’s Fit Of Rage

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Andy Mendoza, the Connecticut hairdresser Chelsea went to, shared her story on Instagram, where it got a lot of attention. To date, it has over 9,000 likes.

The barber wrote:

So today I received a visit from a beautiful soul who went through an awful experience. A coward tried to take her life and in the process cut and pulled her hair out!

chelsea hair

As I cut her hair, we talked and I couldn’t help but notice how nice she was, and how much she did NOT deserve what happened to her.

No woman ever deserves this! My mother was a victim of abuse, and I remember it vividly! SPEAK UP AND TELL SOMEONE!

chelsea shaved head

(She gave me permission to share her images, and wants to let everyone know, “she is happy to be alive.”)

Guys PLEASE if you or someone you know is suffering from domestic ABUSE do not hesitate to contact someone for help.

chelsea sun

Chelsea also opened up and shared her story on GoFundMe.

She wrote:

On December 16th I experienced the most life changing and scariest things of my life, my boyfriend took drugs and not only drugged me but tried to kill me for a good 6 hours. 

This was one of the hardest things I’ve ever went through and it has brought me to rock bottom.

chelsea purple hair

I lost my health, my regular mentality, my apartment, lost my job and I lost my whole regular life routine. I️ have never felt so lost in what to do with myself and the only thing now I really know what to do is rebuild and start a new.

I’ve never been someone to really reach out for anything unless it’s a necessity but i’m asking anyone that’s willing to help me rebuild back up to my feet, to my normal self, to love, live and thrive again, to help me, no matter if it’s something big or small, or even something small like a hug or a flower or a cup of tea haha. 

chelsea mma

This made me feel so helpless like I couldn’t protect myself. Obviously I don’t have anywhere near the funds to find a gym and train, but after this experience I feel extremely driven to learn and train to feel better about my well being and safety. As I have been a big fan of the MMA, especially UFC it’s grown into an amazing association. 

My goal in life now is to train and become the best that I can be physically and technically especially the drive I have found after experiencing this close to death situation. 

Chelsea also spoke directly with LittleThings, saying:

What made me decide to shave off all my hair was, I wanted to have a fresh new start, so I had it shaved with almost an Aztec sun design on the side, representing rebirth.

haircut chelsea

To many survivors like me, stay strong and use this as a milestone/turning point in your life. Don’t let this drag you down and define who you are; use it to motivate you to be the person you want to be, and don’t stop being yourself.

Don’t sweat the small stuff either, because there’s many people right now that have your back and will help you through this hard journey to learn from. If you feel like there’s no one, just reach out and, I promise you, someone will be right there by your side. You’ve already got through the hard part. It gets easier from here.

The biggest thing I could learn from this is: be careful, and stay aware of your space and the people you surround yourself with.

Keep people around who support you and everything you do while lifting your spirits, helping you along the way, if so be it. And remember, things are going to take time to heal and get back to normal — but it will happen.

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If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, don’t hesitate to contact The National Domestic Violence Hotline.



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